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Your vehicle’s radiator is the heart of the cooling system, which needs to function properly at all times. After all, the cooling system keeps your engine at a safe operating temperature.

A damaged, leaking or restricted radiator requires immediate attention, because engine overheating can lead to costly damage. One of the most common malfunctions associated with overheating is a blown head gasket. In most circumstances this can be avoided when the radiator and other cooling system components are properly maintained.

When you need radiator repair in Ames or the surrounding area of Story County, Ron’s Auto Repair Center is the shop you can trust. For more than 35 years, we have proudly served this community with professional radiator repairs. Our friendly staff is dedicated to superior customer service, as your complete satisfaction remains our primary goal.

Expert Radiator Repairs by Quality Technicians

Radiator repairs should be performed by trained professionals equipped with the appropriate tools and knowledge to do the job correctly. The integrity of a radiator repair can be compromised if not completed to industry standards.

At Ron’s Auto Repair Center, our ASE-Master Certified Technicians are the experts in radiator repair and replacement. With our advanced pressure testing equipment to verify the integrity of the entire cooling system, we complete radiator repairs on a wide range of automobiles, newer and older. Whether your Fiat is overheating, or debris damaged the radiator on your Mini Cooper during an off-road adventure, you can depend on our team for your radiator repair needs in Ames and all of Story County.


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